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We are Saint Louis Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Saint Louis, MO. We are the largest animal control company in the state, and if you are having a problem with mammals, lizards or snakes around a commercial or domestic property, then we can help. We have been dealing with wild animals in the area for close to twenty years, and our polite and courteous telephone agents are your first point of call for advice on what to do. They can also give you an idea of the cost for our experienced technicians to deal with your animal problem, and can book a visit for you which will usually be available within 24 hours. All of our technicians will be qualified to the latest standards, and regularly attend industry seminars to make sure that they can deal with any animal infestation as efficiently as possible. We also take pride in investing in the equipment available, so that the animal problem in your home can be dealt with as quickly as possible. Our team can offer the full service for resolving the animal issue, which includes repairing damage caused by animals, such as replacing soiled insulation, along with sanitizing the area so that no dangerous bacteria remain in your home once the animals have been dealt with. Call us now at 636-486-4888 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Nuisance wildlife trapping and removal.

We repair wildlife damage and prevent re-entry.

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Poison-free Saint Louis rodent control - rats and mice.

Saint Louis raccoon removal and skunk removal.

Complete removal of squirrels in the attic

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Our Service Range

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Saint Louis Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: How to Get Animals Out of Walls

When there is a heightened presence of birds and rodents in your community, there is a possibility that they will scavenge for foods as well as shelter. In case your house has a gap or hole, you cannot blame these animals from taking advantage of it. You will often encounter them during the colder season. While inside our house, there are instances when they will accidentally fall in the void of our walls. You will have to get them out if you do not want to deal with a dead body of an animal.

Ways to Remove the Saint Louis Animals in Your Walls
First, you need to determine the type of wild animal that is stuck in your wall. If you are hearing a squeaking noise and the flapping of wings, this is perhaps a bat. Scratching sound can be associated with a rodent. Pecking and chirping noise will be related to a bird. The Missouri raccoons on the other hand, will create the loudest noise.

Animals That Can Freely Move
After you successfully identified the animal that has invaded your property, you will have to find a solution that will help you resolve your issue. Check if the animals can freely move on its own. In case the animal can move freely, you will have to look for their main access hole. Usually, they will enter through our attic. They will then crawl and will accidentally end up in our walls. There are various ways that you can use to remove them.

Using Catch Pole-If you can reach inside the wall, an excellent way to get them out is using catch pole or snake tongs depending on the species that you have. Be sure that you know how to properly use them to avoid suffocating smaller animals.

Trap- Trapping them will also be a good method. You will have to consider the placement of the trap to guarantee that you will be able to capture them. Add a bait to catch their attention. Place the bait in a manner that will encourage them to interact with the trigger plate.

Trying to draw the animals out of the walls will eliminate the needs to use the drastic removal method. Be sure that there will not be a litter of babies that will be abandoned. Simply peering on your wall can help you identify the creatures in your walls.

Saint Louis Animals That Are Stuck
If the animals are trapped in the walls, it is highly likely that there are not enough surface for them to grasp. It is also possible that the surface is too smooth that prevents them from gaining traction. During this time, physical removal of the animal is necessary.

Cutting hole- You may need to cut a hole in order to retrieve the animal. You should never do this if you don’t have the experience since it can affect the market value of your home.

Hiring the Professional- Since there is a possibility that the trapped animal will bite if they are agitated, you should let the professional deal with this.

In order to keep these animals away, be sure to keep your area clean. Remove all the elements that will attract their attention and trim your shrubs and grass regularly.