Can Skunks Climb Fences and Trees

While the striped skunks are known for its curious behavior, they are not adept climbers. Unlike the raccoons, and squirrels, they will find it hard to access the higher areas of your house. On the contrary, they are armed with a stocky body frame and sharp claws that they use for digging. Usually, you will encounter the skunks in open areas such as fields and pastures where the climbing skills will not be necessary.

Are Skunks Good Climbers?
Spotted skunks are a lot lighter than the striped skunk. They are agile due to their smaller frame. They have adapted in climbing which makes it possible for them to establish their den in our attics and chimneys. Spotted Saint Louis skunks love the taste of the honey. They will have to climb trees to enjoy this meal. Urban spotted skunks are usually treated as pests due to their ability to climb trashcan just like Missouri raccoons.

Striped Skunks Are Not Excellent Climbers
Luckily, the most common type of skunk that you will encounter in North America would be the striped skunks. You won’t see this creature climbing trees or human structures. In fact, you will often see them trapped in window well. To help them escape your window well, you may place a plank of wood that they can use as a bridge.

How to Keep the Skunk Away
Since the skunks are not good climbers, the conventional type of fence will work against them. You do not have to invest on an electric fence. However, you need to make sure that is buried at least 1ft below the ground since they can tunnel through your fence. You should also repair the parts of the fence that are damaged.

You should also reduce the things that are attracting the attention of the skunks such as your garbage or compost pit. You will have to make certain that they are covered properly. Wash the exterior part of your trashcan to get rid of the waste residue. Metal type of trashcan will not be affected with the smell of the waste. Thus, it will be less likely to draw the attention of the skunk. Skunk can also dig for insects and grubs during summer to the early part of the fall season. You will have to treat the insect infestation in your yard if you don’t want to invite this animal.

Finally, the skunks love to establish their burrow under the space of our house, shed, or porch. You will have to restrict their access from this area. You may need to surround it with a chicken wire or hardware cloth that will act as a barrier. Once the skunk has invaded your property, simple hazing tactics such as creating loud noises will prompt them to leave your property.

We do not encourage you to deal with this situation on your own. The Saint Louis skunks are armed with a noxious spray. Let the professionals who are equipped with knowledge and experience deal with your problem.

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