Ways to Get Rid of the Raccoons Fast

If you are hearing strange sounds at night and you notice that your garbage can has fell over, this can be a sign that you have an unwanted visitor in your yard. While their appearance may appear to be endearing and cute, raccoons have a destructive nature that can be a problem to farmers and homeowners. In addition, they can also be a possible carrier of diseases. Therefore, you need to find ways to get rid of them at once.

4 Fastest Ways to Remove the Saint Louis Raccoons
Raccoons are creature that will not be picky on the things they eat. They are opportunistic eaters and will collect leftover and food scraps in our garbage. If you want to avoid attracting the attention of the raccoons, there are simple things that you can do.

1. Understand Why the Raccoon is Visiting Your Property
There are different reasons why the raccoons will be frequenting your property. They can be attracted to a food source or there may be an ideal denning area in your house. As long as the place provide them comfort, raccoons will be willing to call the place as their new home. They love to reside on higher and obscure areas of our house such as our attic. However, you may still find them in the garage and the basement. As for the food, they are omnivores and their natural diet will cover both plant and animal-based sustenance. Our garbage can draw the attention of these nuisance creatures. The greasy scent of the pet food will also attract them.

2. Scare Tactics
Raccoons are not aggressive in nature. They will immediately escape when there is a sign of danger. However, they may still attack if they feel coerced or threatened. Simply producing loud sound can scare them away. you can also play radio station near the den of the racoon to drive them away. Mild hazing tactics will be very effective but only for a short term. Nonetheless, this will be enough for you to introduce a permanent solution.

3. Using Electric Fence
Your conventional garden fence will not be effective against the raccoon since they are excellent climbers. if you still want to erect a standard fence, you need to choose a smooth material that will make it challenging for the Saint Louis raccoons to climb. The better option would be to use an electric fence. the maintenance and upkeep of the fence can be quite expensive, but this will be the fastest way to ensure that they will never return to your property. The zap of the electric fence will not kill the raccoon, but it will be enough to shock them. We recommend the fence that is specifically built for gardens.

4. Trapping
For the Missouri raccoons that are still inside your property, you will have to use a trap to get them out of your property. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of your trap will rely upon the placement and the bait that you will use.

Finally, you will have to create a place that will not capture the attention of raccoon. Cover your trashcan with a secured lid. Trim the bushes and the branches in your lawn. Pick the fallen fruits in your yard and introduce barriers on your vegetable garden.

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