Things that Attract Snakes

The temperature during fall and spring would be excellent for the snakes to remain active. This is the time when the unsuspecting gardener will encounter them in their yard. When it is summer, it is highly likely to see them during the early hours of the day and at night. When it is hot, they prefer to hide in the dark and cool areas. Most of the Saint Louis snakes are non-venomous and they prefer to stay away from humans. The best way to avoid them is to know the things that may attract them and eliminate it.

What Attract Snakes
Snakes help in controlling the population of the rodent. Their presence will usually mean a healthy habitat. However, you will still not enjoy a visit from these creatures. Here are some of the elements in your house that may attract them.

As aforementioned, the Missouri snake will love to stay in the dark and cool areas. In addition, it should also protect them. If there are piles of debris in your house, you need to discard them. The snakes can use this to hide their body to the predator. Snakes would also love to stay in the space under our shed or deck. Introducing barriers on that area can help you assure that your house will remain free from snake. During the summer, the snake will choose the shady areas of your house. They may choose to hide under your car. On the contrary, the snake may choose to rest on the engine of your car during cold season.

The water has been proven to attract different varieties of snake. In case your lawn is properly irrigated, it is highly likely to attract the presence of insects and lizards which is a staple part of the snake’s diet. Aside from that, the regularly watered yard will provide a cool place for the snake during the hot summer season. You need to be careful when you are frequenting these areas.

Rodent Infestation
Snakes love the taste of the rodent and it will be hard for them to resist it. If you want to control the presence of Saint Louis snakes in your yard, you will have to avoid attracting the attention of the rodents. If the rodent is attracted with the birdfeeder in your yard, consider moving it away. You should also resolve the cause of the rodent infestation by employing a good waste management system, doing simple home modification, and removing their access to food source.

In case you encounter a snake in your yard, you should always stay calm. You should never try to encourage the snake to move if it is blocking your way. Remain patient and give it enough time to leave voluntarily. The snakes will leave the space especially if there is no accessible food source within the area. If removing these attractants failed to solve your problem, it is time to hire a snake removal expert. This will be an effective and safer way to deal with the snake visit.

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